Tribute of Death

"What are you waiting for?"

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Mexico, 1518: Aztec slave Yaotl, still recuperating after the ordeal he suffered in City of Spies, is caught up in a dark adventure of grief, sorcery and vengeful spirits.

Summoned back to the Aztec capital, Mexico-Tenochtitlan, to confront an old enemy who is threatening his family, Yaotl learns of a tragedy.  A friend's wife has died in childbirth.  According to Aztec belief, her remains must be protected from warriors and sorcerers who would use it as a talisman, before her soul is transformed into a ferocious, man-hating demon.

When the body goes missing, along with one of the men guarding it, Yaotl gets the blame. Only by finding out for himself what has happened can he avert the bereaved husband's wrath.  It does not take long to discover that there is more to the affair than meets the eye.  An old associate of the dead woman's may not be all that he seems, and her family seems strangely reluctant to help Yaotl investigate him.

 Yaotl has barely begun his enquiries before a series of violent deaths leaves him wondering whether he is hunting a thief – or a killer is hunting him.

To get to the truth and survive the brutal confrontation that lies in wait will test the wily slave to the limit.  For this time, it seems, he has almost everyone against him.

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