City of Spies

"A third helping of breathless, black humoured, blood-soaked mayhem"

City of Spies cover image

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1518. Tetzcoco: the second city of the Aztec realm, a bustling, cosmopolitan town, a city of poets, artists and legendary kings; but also a place torn by unrest, as rival claimants fight over the throne and spies and assassins stalk each other through the streets and marketplaces.

Here Yaotl comes, seeking refuge from the wrath of his master, the Aztec Chief Minister.  Lord Feathered in Black has finally decided to rid himself of his disobedient slave, and will have him sacrificed in the most gruesome manner possible - provided he can catch him first.

Also here are Yaotl's former lover, Lily, and her untrustworthy father.  They have a mission of their own to carry out: one that goes badly wrong, as it leads to the discovery of a corpse and Lily's arrest for murder.  She will be executed unless she can prove her innocence.  Yaotl is involved in a desperate race against time to find the evidence she needs.

The search for the truth will take Yaotl on a perilous quest through palace corridors and darkened streets.  It will bring him face to face with the most powerful and enigmatic figures.  And it will lead him into a lethal trap, laid for him by a pitiless and implacable enemy...

Published by Simon & Schuster (UK) Ltd on 8 May 2006

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