The Aztec Mysteries

Frontispiece to Codex Menoza

Welcome to the website of Simon Levack, author of Demon of the Air, the first in a series of Aztec Murder Mysteries featuring wily slave Yaotl.

If you would like to read the opening chapters of Demon of the Air and the latest Yaotl adventure, Tribute of Death, please click here.


Last updated 5 April 2010

Tribute of Death, my fourth book, is now available as an e-book in the Amazon Kindle format at the bargain price (for the time being) of $0.99 or 0.70. If sales are reasonably brisk I may well issue in other formats as well in due course. If the sample chapter (see the link above) appeals to you why not treat yourself to a copy by clicking on one of the links below:

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